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  1. Conformational changes in the Niemann-Pick Type C1 protein NCR1 drive sterol translocation.

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  3. Slow release of a synthetic auxin induces formation of adventitious roots in recalcitrant woody plants.

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  5. Long-read sequencing identifies a common transposition haplotype predisposing for CLCNKB deletions.

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  7. Structure and sucrose binding mechanism of the plant SUC1 sucrose transporter.

    Bavnhøj L, Driller JH, Zuzic L, Stange AD, Schiøtt B, Pedersen BP.
    Nature Plants 9(6):938-950 (2023).
    (Nature Plants News & Views Highlight)
  8. May the proton motive force be with you: A plant transporter review.

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    (Nature Plants Research Highlight)
  10. Sterol uptake by the NPC system in eukaryotes: a Saccharomyces cerevisiae perspective.

    Winkler MBL, Nel L, Frain KM, Dedic E, Olesen E, Pedersen BP.
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  11. Molecular mechanism of sugar transport in plants unveiled by structures of glucose/H+ symporter STP10.

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  12. Structural basis for potassium transport in prokaryotes by KdpFABC.

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  13. An intracellular pathway controlled by the N-terminus of the pump subunit inhibits the bacterial KdpFABC ion pump in high K+ conditions.

    Dubey V, Stokes D, Pedersen BP, Khandelia H.
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  14. Structural comparison of GLUT1 to GLUT3 reveal transport regulation mechanism in Sugar Porter family.

    Custodio TF, Paulsen PA, Frain KM, Pedersen BP.
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  15. Mechanistic Insight into Lipid Binding to Yeast Niemann Pick Type C2 Protein.

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  17. Structural Insight into Eukaryotic Sterol Transport through Niemann-Pick Type C Proteins.

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  18. Namdinator - automatic molecular dynamics flexible fitting of structural models into cryo-EM and crystallography experimental maps.

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  23. Improved Model of Proton Pump Crystal Structure Obtained by Interactive Molecular Dynamics Flexible Fitting Expands the Mechanistic Model for Proton Translocation in P-Type ATPases.

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  25. Mechanism of inhibition of human glucose transporter GLUT1 is conserved between cytochalasin B and phenylalanine amides.

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    (Nature News & Views)
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    (Nature News & Views)